Some Business Rules That Women Entrepreneurs Must Follow


The road to success is paved with more hardships for women, compared to men, as far as entrepreneurship is concerned. That to a considerable extent explains why there are more of male than female entrepreneurs. While women have, time and again proved that they can be equally successful in business as men, holding on to their accomplishments and carrying on with their ventures have also turned out be uphill tasks.

Successful businesswomen and entrepreneurs have every right to savor their successes that came about by making great sacrifices taking heavy toll on their physical and mental well-beings. At the same, these women should adhere to some principles if they want to take their businesses to the next level and keep the same competitive in the long run.

  1. Learn to Appreciate Your Worth

There are enough statistics to drive home the assertion that men continue to earn more than women. And that is also a fact that nobody will deny. But fortunately you don’t belong to that group of working individuals where the individual has to tolerate the daily grind to earn the salary which goes up maybe once every 1-2 years.

You’re a woman who decides the amount you’d like to take back home every month. Your potential or capacity to earn is in your hands. So, there’s no reason why you should not exploit your full potential to develop your business. Learn to make good use of your worth and appreciate the same, and just move on. You must value your work and show your worth.

  1. Savor Your Success

Only you know, how hard you had to work to attain the position that you’re in today. So, there’s every reason for you to revel in your accomplishments and not feel guilty for being successful. After all, your success has not come at the cost of trammeling someone else’s interests but by your dint of diligence.  Hence you should celebrate your success without any inhibitions or reservations. A website can be quite helpful in presenting your story to the people. For example, if people in Michiana would look for a good painting service provider then they can have a look at the website of and book their services.

  1. Be Original

All women entrepreneurs who’ve been able to accomplish the business goals they set forth at the outset had one common aspect that was integral to their accomplishments. They’ll strive to be original and it is their originality that enabled them to scale the dizzy heights of success. In other words, the route taken by Oprah Winfrey to achieve her commercial ends was entirely different from the route taken by Martha Stewart.

Employees working under you and for you look up to you for your leadership qualities. They know that what you bring to the table is unique and distinct from what others have to offer. So, make the most out of your originality and never lose sight of it.

  1. Be Grateful to Others for Your Achievements

Remember that your success has come about not only because of your toils but also because other individuals may have played significant roles. Don’t you think you should be grateful to the person who worked days and night to publicize your brand or service? Spare a thought also for the individual who arranged private meetings with angel investors and capitalists to finance your startup. Likewise, there might have been a handful of persons who contributed towards making you what you’re today. Acknowledge the contributions of these individuals.      



Top 5 Women Entrepreneurs in the US


A group of young modern businesswoman of different ethnicity and backgrounds, isolated on white. The background is blurred

Women, historically and traditionally, have always played second fiddle to men, in almost every walk of life. So, it’s no wonder that the world’s top ten entrepreneurs happen to be men. Nevertheless, women have come up a lot in the past few decades and offering stiff competition to men in nearly every sphere including the business front. This assertion is evidenced by the fact that businesses in USA owned by women have witnessed a spurt of 68% from 1997 to 2014. The following paragraphs detail the top 5 women entrepreneurs in the USA.

  1. Melinda Gates

Being the better half of Bill Gates, Melinda Gates certainly does not need any introduction. But unlike most spouses of billionaire entrepreneurs, Melinda was never content to move around in the shadow of her hubby. She founded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation along with Bill Gates in 1998 and is the co-chairperson of the trust. She is dedicated to improving the reproductive health of women and uplifting their living conditions of women in underdeveloped countries. The couple have pledged over $26 billion in endowments and grants.

  1. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is instantly recognizable not only in the US but also in a host of other countries around the world, thanks to the Oprah Winfrey Show that is watched by millions. She is an epitome of versatility as she fulfils the roles of an actress, film producer, philanthropist, and talk show host with perfection. Her net worth amounts to nearly $3 billion that makes one of the wealthiest women in the US.

  1. Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce has minted a goldmine through crooning and her current personal fortune is estimated to be about $450 million. Together with her husband Jay-Z, she stakes claim to a fortune worth over $ 1 billion!

  1. Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Holmes is the owner of Theranos- a blood testing outlet and is believed to be worth approximately $4.6 billion. She must be blessing her stars that she dropped out of Stanford to establish the business.

  1. Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg wears many hats-she’s is the chief operating officer (COO) of Facebook and also on the boards of Walt Disney Company, Centre for Global Development, V-Day and Women for Women International. Her net worth is about$1 billion.


Why women entrepreneurs can be good for an organization


Women are ruling just every field and they have been starting twice as many startups as men. In the past decade the world has seen huge amount of successful women entrepreneurs and they have excelled in just every field. Women understand the importance of a mentor and leader. Choosing a mentor can be one of the biggest decisions in the career of a person as they guide them through their way to success. Some of the points that define successful women entrepreneurs are:


They have a better conviction rate when compared with men. The secret behind their success is their conviction behind a certain entrepreneurial start up. Believing in yourself is one of the most important things to do while you start an organization.


They are dedicated and committed towards the task in hand. They don’t lose their dedication easily and they can give extra hours towards a project, if required. The nothing to lose attitude has helped women to achieve success in different fields. Whether it is politics or sports, you can find women doing well and bringing in fame to their country.


Communication is the key to success. If you’re not able to communicate your point to others then you will end up losing your project. It is said that women can dominate any field and communicate their point with ease. You cannot expect to have courage if you don’t have confidence in yourself. Women not only have good self-confidence but they can also instill confidence in others. Since they are good at communication, they can easily speak their mind and improve performance of other employees in their organization. This quality also helps in motivating people in your team and helping them achieve better goals in their career.

How a woman entrepreneur can setup her daily routine?


Being an entrepreneur is a dream which many souls from across the world indulge in. Some achieve and some stay away from achieving them. Both men and women entrepreneurs have been making headlines across the globe. Although, traditionally it is easier for men to carry out their entrepreneurial aspirations with ease, women might find it hard to balance their work-home balance. They not only need to manage the daily chores at their homes, their families and the office but also need to take good care of themselves to stay at the peak of their health. Some tips that can help women entrepreneurs to setup up an effective daily routine has been discussed below:

  1. Prepare a list of things that you believe you need to be doing every other day from before.
  2. Setup the priorities straight (it is difficult but one has to)
  3. Make sure you add an extra hour for your workouts every day. Mediate or do yoga which can be a real stress buster.
  4. Keep a track of your progress each week. This can be simply done by evaluating the time anticipated to carry out a particular task and comparing it with the time you took to perform the task.
  5. Make a separate plan to spend time with your family. Dinner and late evenings are the best time for doing this.
  6. Plan today about what you are going to do tomorrow. This helps in making sure you sleep with a clear head about what and how you are doing to perform a particular set of tasks in the coming day.

These tips are pretty simple and straight forward. However, it only becomes effective when they are followed religiously. Setting up your standards and making sure you achieve them is what would make it easier to stay confident and plan your daily routines with ease.

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